Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin P&L Edgewater Generating Station “Air Quality Improvement Project”
The Gebr. Pfeiffer KLV 630 hydrator, a weigh feeder and a bag filter for dedusting the hydrator’s exhaust vapors are all part of the new Air Quality Control System (AQCS) at this utility generating station.

Andritz / Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s Sooner Power Plant “Air Quality Control”
Four Pfeiffer hydrators are part of the solution to meet EPA clean air mandates at OG&E’s Red Rock, Oklahoma plant.

Andritz / Public Power Generation Agency’s Whelan Energy Plant “Air Quality Control”
A Pfeiffer hydrator, ball mill and separator help improve air quality control at the Public Power Generation Agency.

Calgon Carbon Corporation “Mill Swapping”
This project profile features a “mill swapping” solution where a new MPS 200 BK mill will be erected adjacent to the existing mill and, during the plant’s shutdown, swapped out in order to reuse the existing mill’s foundation.

Cementos San Marcos “Swing Mill Solution”
This project profile features the Swing Mill Solution utilizing the MPS 2500 BC Vertical Roller Mill with SLS 2250 BC Classifier.

Cementos Tequendama “Coal Mill Solution”
Featuring the MPS 140 BK coal mill

Holcim (US) Hagerstown Plant “Plant Production Upgrade”
The MPS 3750 B Raw Material Mill with SLS 3150 B High Efficiency Classifier were utilized as part of the plant upgrade to increase production and comply with NESHAP regulations.

Hormicreto Cia, Ltda. “Energy Efficient Clinker Grinding Solution”
The priority for this project was to replace aging ball mills in order to reduce power consumption and improve grinding efficiency.

Lafarge Canada Exshaw Plant “Plant Expansion Project”
The new MVR 5000 R4 Raw Mill with 3,300 kW Motor and SLS 4750 B High Efficiency Classifier are key in this plant expansion project.

Lafarge North America Ravena Plant “Modernization and Increased Capacity Project”
The new MVR 6000 R6 Raw Material Mill with 5,600 kW Motor and SLS 4750 B High Efficiency Classifier allowed for increasing capacity while replacing the former “wet” process with a more energy efficient, “dry” process.

The Monarch Cement Company “Reducing Plant Emissions”
This project profile features a solution for the plant to reduce emissions in order to meet the NESHAP requirements. Gebr. Pfeiffer upgraded the plant’s existing MPS 3450 raw material mill by installing a new grinding table, classifier, fan and cyclone along with other improvements.

UltraCem S.A.S. “Clinker Grinding”
Gebr. Pfeiffer’s patented “Lift and Swing” technology for maintenance efficiency is featured on the MPS 3350 BC Clinker Mill utilized in the clinker grinding solution at this Colombian Cement Grinding Station.

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